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Loan Evaluation Services, L.L.C., Launched to Provide Portfolio Due Diligence, Independent Review for Banks

NEW ORLEANSKyle Waters and Andy Bower, two career banking and financial executives, today announced the formation of Loan Evaluation Services, LLC which provides loan portfolio due diligence and independent loan portfolio review for community and regional banks considering or pursuing the acquisition of another bank, as well as those banks wanting a fresh look at their own loan portfolios.
Loan Evaluation Services advises its banking clients in the areas of:

  • Due‐diligence loan portfolio evaluation in anticipation of a merger.
  • Asset‐based lending., Consumer and Commercial loan underwriting.
  • Commercial real estate.
  • Credit approval.
  • Loan compliance: One of the firm’s associates has Certified Regulatory Compliance
  • Manager designation.
  • State and federal regulations: A former national bank examiner is a Loan Evaluation
  • Services associate.
  • Anti‐money laundering: One of the firm’s associates is a Certified Anti‐Money
  • Laundering Specialist

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