Loan Evaluation Services LLC. We’re seasoned.

 Our team members have an average of more than 35 years of experience…… we have served Louisiana institutions large and small, both as senior management level employees as well as independent consultants. All of our members and staff have developed their own consulting practices in our various areas of expertise, but as a team we can be an especially effective solution for your loan review and other credit-related needs.

We add depth to client relationships:

  • Public Accounting (a CPA is part of our team)
  • Asset-Based Lending
  • Consumer and Commercial Loan Underwriting
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Credit Approval
  • Loan Compliance (an associate is CRCM-designated)
  • State and Federal Regulations (a former national bank examiner is now an LES associate)
  • Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

Collectively, we’ve managed:

  • Commercial loan portfolios
  • Commercial Real Estate loan portfolios
  • Business Banking loan portfolios
  • Retail loan portfolios
  • Professional and Executive portfolios


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Annette Glahn | co-owner / manager |

Annette Glahn Fink currently serves as the co-owner of Loan Evaluation Services, LLC. She has dedicated her career to credit risk management and joined Loan Evaluation Services, LLC at its inception in 2013, bringing her years of experience and expertise to the company.

J. Andrew "Andy" Bower, CPA | co-owner / member |

Mr. Bower has operated a successful practice for 10 years, consulting for banks and performing loan reviews for a dozen banks in South Louisiana with portfolios ranging from $50 million to $1 billion. While the primary focus of his practice is loan review, he also performs internal audit and Bank Secrecy Act audit services for several community banks.